Friday, January 21, 2011

Blog Follower

I have been following other people blogs for few months. It started when I begin to work. First, I got the internet connection everyday, then I decided to start blogging again. I cleaned up my blog, set new design, put some pictures and features and posted any story. Since I start working without any preparation as a breastfeeding mother, I was googling a lot to find how to be a working mother but still be able to breastfeed your child. The keywords like breast pump, nursing, memeras ASI (express milk), how to ....., everything related to it , just be my new routine in first few days at work.

Then, I found some interesting blogs that talk about breastfeeding and all of them are supporting breastfeeding. They share tips on how to work but still be able to breastfeed. I love reading their blogs and the information that they share are such precious things to me as me myself such a dummy in breastfeeding things.

I remember how I think hard on how to breastfeed my son in public. Ow, people will see my breast, even if I cover it with my Jilbab, but baby's hands are so active, it will move here and there, and my breast will open up to them. As a solution, while in public, I prepare formula milk for my child just because I think it really embarrassed to breastfeed in public.

Then, after reading some blogs, I have courage to breastfeed my son while in public but I would rather to find some place like Baby's room or Surau, more safe I think. But then, I found out about nursing cover, and I can see that how easy to breastfeed my son with nursing cover, I can breastfeed anytime and anywhere, no need to rush finding baby's room or surau while my son already start crying, I can just take my Nursing Cover and just breastfeed my son. How easy it is, actually.

I should be thankful to those people who are willing spend some of their time, blogging and sharing their information to other people. It means a lot to people like me. It open up my mind. It is really helpful. it is an entertainment as well :)