Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sendiri aja di rumah

hmmm, malesnya sendirian di rumah....
mo cepetan dapat kerja nih tp monya yg part time aja, lagi mual2 nih ;)

ari tu ada apply utk jadi research assisstant sih, tp masih belum dapat jawaban juga, katanya sih akan dihubungi secepatnya tp yah aq tunggu aja lah.

malam ni belom masak apa2, lagi malas, mo nya beli aja lah di luar.....
serius nih, malas kali mo masak....... bahan makanan juga udah pada abis. td seharian juga malas mo ke kedai runcit.
mo ke UIA juga malas karena udah ga ada kamar lagi di situ.....

huf, menunggu suami plg aja lah....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

it is Wednesday and It is Raining

Yup, today is Wednesday, as early in the morning, it is raining, hard rain. I'm planning to go the campus, finishing my FYP report, since I feel that I can do work more concentrate in the campus rather than at home. There are many distractions at home :), TV, my pillow (then i will start sleeping), any houseworks (ironing, cooking, cleaning, etc...).

9.30 am already, I haven't take a bath yet, hmmmm, lying down on my bed, watching Oprah Show, as well as do blogging, bored actually, but, i just think that i'll go there after 12 hehehehe.

Btw, I had indomie soto medan as my breakfast, I'm dying to eat that last nite, but i'm thinking of my diet (",), then I keep it for today breakfast hehehe.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Breaking News

David Archuleta from American Idol 7 is in Malaysia......
I want to go the concert, at least try once, but my hubby is not that kind of concert guy.
Hope that, today, he read my blog and then considering to go to Archie's concert ;)

Another lonely Friday.....

Today, I just stay at home. Bored but have no intention to go anywhere.......... Actually, PC Fair at KLCC starts today, I wanna go there but have to wait for my hubby, he's working today. Probably tomorrow I'll visit the PC fair (btw, it last till sunday).

I'm considering to buy a digital camera but I'm a bit worried. I really want to purchase it since I like to take picture of everyone that i know, at the same time, I'll use my saving since I have no job yet. Digital camera is not that necessary (I wont die if I dont buy it), however, I really want it. I want to keep my memory in a pictures. Memory with my friend, my hubby, my family, etc. To do that, I'll need a camera, a good quality of camera.

I dont decide yet, just go to the PC fair tomorrow, look arround till i get a good one and also a cheaper one. hopefully, ther will be a promotion there.

Another story, this 20th april, My twin sister will come to KL, she's going to Adelaide on 25th to further her study. As planned, my bapak, mama, and my youngest sister will join her to KL. But not sure yet. Hope that all of then can make it to KL, I miss them a lot.

After a long break....

After a quite long break from becoming a blogger (hmmm, more than 4 months I guess (",).......
I decide that tonite, i have to write sth, at least just the latest news about my life.

After more than 4 years (Including CELPAD plus study leave), I'm finally graduated!!!!!! yeah, I'hv been waiting this moment for so long. Alhamdulillah, thanks God!!!!

I dont know how to express my feeling. I'm happy but at the same time, the excitement that i feel that as big as I ever though. yes, I', happy, but that's all. Probably, because I feel the same like other fresh grads----> will I get a job????? hmmm that question sound scary for me.

As I heard about economy resession, I'm bit worried of getting a right job for me. I have searched tru, there are actually a lot of job vacancy, but a very little vacancy for fresh graduate. Btw, I'm in IT field rite now. Perhaps, I will consider working as in call center if i could not get an IT kind of job. my friend said that it is easy to get job at call center as she worked there eventhough she has degree bachelor in Communication. She said, that job just as stepping stone, she still look for better job.

I'm also considering of further my study, my Mama want to help me a little, I also want to try to apply schoolarship. better to have many choices rite now, think about Plan A, B, C or even till plan Z :)