Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Days..................

Duh.......susahnya mo ngepost hal baru di blogspot.... Dah berhari2 coba tapi ga bisa2 juga, baru hari ini coba ngepost pake Google Docs & Spreadsheets, baru bisa!!!!!!!! ada apa sih, kok pake cara manual langsung di, ga bisa....

ini aja aku ngepost pake Google Docs & Spreadsheets juga.

sekrang ini aku lagi liburan pertengahan semester (seminggu, lumayanlah buat bikin otakku istirahat,hehe)

liburan gini, kerjaan ya nonton, makan, tidur, ya gt2 aja deh.

baru hari ini aku ke library, cari bahan buat bikin tugas OS, malam ini aku baru mo mulai belajar, insyaallah continue sampe hari minggu ntar, banayak kali nig kerjaan yg musti aku siapin buat menuhin target. target aku, baca buku teks OB sampe chapter terakhir yg kami perlajari, baca buku Comp Networking Chp 2&3, soalnya abis liburan ini masuk chp. 4, baca Java Module dan jawab semua latihan2 yg ada +diusahain bahas soal2 dr buku JAVA yg aku pinjam sama k'ina, Kl OS aku ga targetin baca buku, tapi abis break ini aku ada mitem dr chp 1-5, so aku pengennya liburan ini aku mulai hafal2 terus, ntar dekat2 mitem aku tinggal ngulang2 aja, truz e-commerce juga ada mitem, pengenya aku mulai hafal2 sekarang truz pas dekat mitem aku tinggal ngulang2 aja. duh banyak kali nih target yg musti aku capai, kyknya mulai besok, kamis-minggu, ada 4 hari aja, cukup ga ya??????

kyknya sih ga cukup, jd aku fokusin ke ngerjain tugas OS, OB, e-commerce dulu. truz yg plg penting aku musti siapin baca buku CompNet chp 2&3.........., kemudian hafal OS chp 1-5 dan finally hafal e-commerce (belum tau chp mana aja yg masuk mitem)....

mudah2an target yg aku mau bisa tercapai liburan ini....

truz target yg lain adalah, aku harus bisa bangun pagi, jam 6.30am!!!!!!!!!!! selama liburan ini, PARAH ABIZ.........(rin, bisa masuk neraka kalau asyk bangun telat terus, soalt subuh lewat terus, ingat rin!!!!!!!!!)

ini penyakin parah yg aku musti obatin!!!!!! mulain besok aku harus kalahin setan2 and penyakin malas bangun pagi, mulai besok oke rin!!!!!!!!!!! jangan ampe kalah ama yg namanya setan!!!!!!!

pokoknya semester ini beneran parah abiz, pas liburan ini apalagi, GILA deh!!!!! ni penyakint da makin parah, aku musti hilangin ni penyakit!!!!!!

Allah, maafin aku.......tolong aku juga spy aku bisa hilangin penyakit malas bangun pagi ini!!!!!!!!!

insyaallah mulai besok aku mulai AZZAM baru ini......

Career Carnival: I should go there!

Every time I see my friends are graduating, there are two things that I always think about. First is, I always keep asking myself, when is my graduating? I want it as soon as possible, if i could. Second is, i do always thinking few questions such as what should I do after my graduating, how to get a good job, how to prepare myself facing work environment, and etc, but the main question is “can I get a job?” . Those questions are always haunted me!

One day, I heard from one of my lecturer, Mdm.Zabeeda, that UIA will be a host of a program called Career Carnival which is held by Careers and Services Division. There are many government or private companies join this carnival. Most of them also provide not only place to ask about their company, but also many job vacancies. My lecturer, Mdm.Zabeeda said that we should go there even though most of us are not graduating soon, but it is not wrong to go there and look around. And finally, Mdm.Zabeeda requires us to go there during next class hour simply because she is one of the committee.

On that day, I and my friend went to the carnival and look around. We saw many companies there, in their stands. Some companies' name are already familiar with us and some company, we even never heard their name before. We visited some companies that we are interested with, talked with their representative, asking many questions to them and also ask for some merchandiser:). There are some questions that we always ask to each company, such as do you offer job vacancy to fresh graduates? What kind of job do you offer to fresh graduates? What is your requirements that you need such as CGPA, special skills, co curriculum activities etc? How to apply to your company? How about the salary, working hour, allowances, promotion, training, compensation, etc? Do you give chance to your employees to further their study? Will you support their study? Is it scholarship or loan? There were many other questions that we asked.

In this paragraph, i will conclude all the answer that we got from may companies. Most of them are offering job vacancy to fresh graduating students (it must be sure! That's why they join this carnival that is held by a local university and full of fresh graduating students). They also will provide a training to fresh graduates in order to improve their skills. If we talk about the requirements that they need from the job applicants, most of them need the same things. They need a person that has ability and willing to work in team, fast learner, has good communication skill, active person, has some additional skills such as can speak fluently in many languages especially English and Mandarin, has training certificates attending some seminars, trainings, conferences, etc, other skill such as able to operate computer with many operating system and also able to operate some computer application such as Microsoft office, Oracle, MySQL, some programming languages, etc, it depends on what kind of job you are working. Other requirement is such as CGPA, some of the companies requires high CGPA, 3.5 above, some require at least 3 and some also do not require high CGPA. They also will consider us if we have many co curriculum activities during our study, it shows that we are active student. There many ways to apply to their company, we can fill in application form that they provide on that day or we do it manually by make a resume and sent it to the company. Other way is through internet, some companies has already provide this service. If we talk about salary, working hour, allowances, promotion, training and compensation, each company has its own regulation. We can simply ask them during the interview. Now we are in the part of study, some companies, they allow us to further study while working with them, some do not, it, again, depends on the company. Some companies that allow us to further study, will provide support (scholarship) or loan. Some of them allow us but do not provide any support.

In conclusion, we as a student, from now on, we must think ahead, not only thinking our time in university. We must also thing about our life after study. Most of student, they don't want to think about how to get a job after study, they will start thinking after they graduate. It is not good behavior. We must start thinking about on the first day we are studying at university. We must look around any job vacancy that are suitable for us, if possible, do some part time job that is not necessarily must be the same as what we study. Even though we are for example study engineering, we can do part time job at fast food restaurant, it might be not relevant with what we study but, otherwise, it might improve our communication skills. We must look around what is the requirement that employer need from the job applicant. What kind of skills that we have to master in order to make us different from others, so the employer will prefer to take us rather than other simply just because we have some skills that others do not have. During our time in university, it is the time for us to improve ourselves in term of knowledge, skills and mentality to face the world. It is also the time for us to prepare ourselves to face the challenges outside university. Don't wait until your last semester at university, start at your first semester. For you, which is not in first or last semester, just start thinking from now on, regardless what semester you are. Don't say “'it's too late” because you won't be late if you start from now on.