Saturday, July 4, 2009

Picnic At Genting

While my family were in Malaysia last April 2009, we went to Genting. My youngest sister really want to go there since she has no chance to got here before last 2004. So, if I'm not mistaken, that day was Thursday since on Wednesday, me and my husband go to clinic to do preganancy test and Alhamdulillah it is positive.

Can you imagine how to do a picnic at Genting Theme Park???? Before that day, I couldt'n. We have to think where to eat our food, where to wash hand, where to throw the rubbish and so on. Whiule thinking about it, I also thinking about our budget, since I want to the cost of today's trip is on me. While the ticket to Genting for 6 person can reach to RM200, the Food Court or Restaurant in Genting are soo expensive, especially for 6 person. I'm a bit worried actually.... I did not tell my worriy to my family, I just try to figure it out by myself.

On Wednesday, suddenly my Mama suggested that we bring our own food and eat there (even my Mama cook is much better than all food there). I was thinking that it is a briliant idea but then think about place confortable to eat. Then I remembered one day trip with TARSA family to Genting. At that time, we did not buy any food at Genting, we order food from mahallah canteen and eat in the place near the entrance (I'll show u the place later). Then, I was thinking that situation is similiar to ours. We can bring our own food and eat in that place. it will save much of my money hehehehe. What a briliant idea, Mama!

This pic was taken after we enjoy our lunch. That is my youngest sister and my Mama. I guess, u already knew the place that I mean. It near the Outdoor Theme Park. It has chairs and tables, just like a food court but no actual restaurant near there. So , we wont be hesitate to sit there eat nothing or eat our own food (I hope it is true hehehe). So, probably all of u guys, can do the same thing:) . Nothing to ashamed with, we want to have fun but at the same time, to save money. I believe other student tour do the same, they order food from one restaurant then bring the food to Genting, a lot easier, cheaper and simpler. Why can't we, a family, do the same?

This pic was also taken after lunch. Those are me and my twin. A bit lost on that pic, probably, we feel so full since my Mama cook is soo delicious(",). Much better than eating MacD at Genting as we usually do before. After lunch, we have our Zhuhur prayer at the Surau inside the Theme Park then we start play arround with all games available at Genting. Unfortunately, me myself, can try any game which probably may harm my pregnant, ooooo just wasted my ticket huhuhuhu, but my Mama did not allow me to do that since the pregnancy is just for about 4 weeks, it is risky, she said. So, I have no choice but obey my Mama.

This is the pic of my youngest sister, u can see that she did not smile. Actually, she is a bit on a very not good mood in the morning before to go to Terminal Putra to buy ticket. Dunno why that morning she is soo moody. She even said that she did not want to go to Genting eventhough we already had plan for that. We were so angry at that time, mama, papa and my twin. But, I tried to talk to her, said that she will be an aunty soon, so she is not supposed to act like that. After so long, then she woke up and took a bath and ready to go. However, she is still on a bad mood until we had our lunch. Then, suddenly, when we start playing arround the Genting Theme Park, her mood is changed into much better. She keep on smeling and laughing. Hmmm, I think, her moody is just because she is a teenager still. So, we are the adult must have and understanding when dealing with teenager since we were just like moody as teenanger when we were at that age(",).

Probably, you will have a question. Where is my Papa and husband????? Since my Papa is the one who hold the camera, he is not in any pictures taken from his camera. But, in my twin sister camera, there a lot pic of him but I don't have the pic with me now, so I cant show my Papa's pic. While my husband, there is a pic of him actually, but, to make it fair, so I do not show his pic also. So my Papa has friend hehehehe.

Friday, July 3, 2009

My Two Little Sisters

These two sweet girls are my two little sisters. One is my twin, the other is my youngest sister. I guess that u knew already which one is my twin (",). Dont's compare her with me right now, we now look totally different, since I gain so many weight during my time in Malaysia (I blame Malaysian's foods, Oh my God, I miss my size when first time coming to M'sia!!!!!). Last two or three years ago, u most probably said that we are so indentical twin (we looked very similar, even our voice is the same, people said). Now, I miss her so much since she now furthers her study in Adelaide, Australia. This pic actualy were taken when we, all the family, are going to Malaysia to accompany her before departure to Adelaide. This pic is in Genting. Now, going back to Aceh will not be the same since my twin aren't there. She was the one who always accompany me while I'm in Aceh. Probably, she will go back to Aceh after finishing her study in two years:(.

The other cutest girl is my youngest sister. She is just in her sweet seventeen (remembering my past weet seventeen as well :). She is very tall just like my late sister (our oldest sister). She is not like me and my twin, we are not that short but not tall either. We are a bit chubby, we never been thin or slim (probably we ever slightly slim hahaha). My youngest sister's appearance is just like my late sister, tall, slim, but a bit darker that her. My late sister had a very light skin. My youngest sister is now in high school. She is on third grade. Next year, she will be entering college.

Btw, all of us look like each others. If we are going out together, people can easily guess that we are sisters. But, till now, I still try to find, how similiar we are. Even, I dont think that I look like my twin sister, I think we look totally different lah........