Wednesday, April 15, 2009

it is Wednesday and It is Raining

Yup, today is Wednesday, as early in the morning, it is raining, hard rain. I'm planning to go the campus, finishing my FYP report, since I feel that I can do work more concentrate in the campus rather than at home. There are many distractions at home :), TV, my pillow (then i will start sleeping), any houseworks (ironing, cooking, cleaning, etc...).

9.30 am already, I haven't take a bath yet, hmmmm, lying down on my bed, watching Oprah Show, as well as do blogging, bored actually, but, i just think that i'll go there after 12 hehehehe.

Btw, I had indomie soto medan as my breakfast, I'm dying to eat that last nite, but i'm thinking of my diet (",), then I keep it for today breakfast hehehe.