Friday, April 10, 2009

Another lonely Friday.....

Today, I just stay at home. Bored but have no intention to go anywhere.......... Actually, PC Fair at KLCC starts today, I wanna go there but have to wait for my hubby, he's working today. Probably tomorrow I'll visit the PC fair (btw, it last till sunday).

I'm considering to buy a digital camera but I'm a bit worried. I really want to purchase it since I like to take picture of everyone that i know, at the same time, I'll use my saving since I have no job yet. Digital camera is not that necessary (I wont die if I dont buy it), however, I really want it. I want to keep my memory in a pictures. Memory with my friend, my hubby, my family, etc. To do that, I'll need a camera, a good quality of camera.

I dont decide yet, just go to the PC fair tomorrow, look arround till i get a good one and also a cheaper one. hopefully, ther will be a promotion there.

Another story, this 20th april, My twin sister will come to KL, she's going to Adelaide on 25th to further her study. As planned, my bapak, mama, and my youngest sister will join her to KL. But not sure yet. Hope that all of then can make it to KL, I miss them a lot.