Friday, April 10, 2009

After a long break....

After a quite long break from becoming a blogger (hmmm, more than 4 months I guess (",).......
I decide that tonite, i have to write sth, at least just the latest news about my life.

After more than 4 years (Including CELPAD plus study leave), I'm finally graduated!!!!!! yeah, I'hv been waiting this moment for so long. Alhamdulillah, thanks God!!!!

I dont know how to express my feeling. I'm happy but at the same time, the excitement that i feel that as big as I ever though. yes, I', happy, but that's all. Probably, because I feel the same like other fresh grads----> will I get a job????? hmmm that question sound scary for me.

As I heard about economy resession, I'm bit worried of getting a right job for me. I have searched tru, there are actually a lot of job vacancy, but a very little vacancy for fresh graduate. Btw, I'm in IT field rite now. Perhaps, I will consider working as in call center if i could not get an IT kind of job. my friend said that it is easy to get job at call center as she worked there eventhough she has degree bachelor in Communication. She said, that job just as stepping stone, she still look for better job.

I'm also considering of further my study, my Mama want to help me a little, I also want to try to apply schoolarship. better to have many choices rite now, think about Plan A, B, C or even till plan Z :)