Monday, June 22, 2009

Keep on working, Rin!!!!!

Today is the third week I have worked as Research Assistant to one lecturer of Kulliyah Education. So far, the works that she ask me to do, are not that much. More like other RA job, searching articles, journals, and other information. So, I'm pretty much relax.

Probably, it is only the beginning of work. Since the lecturer told me that my main task is to develop a system (a real system, OMG, i hv to deal with programming again.....) for her client. I have very little idea about the system, since the lecturer herself is not that technical person. She consult the technical part with her research collegue. Till now, we have no chance yet to discuss with her collegue. So, means that i have to wait till can start developing the system.

One thing come out in my mind about this tasks. I have told DR that I will have maternity leave on December. Perhaps, at the end of October or as late as the beginning of november, I'll back to Aceh. She knew that and understand. However, she expect that I will be able to finish the system before my maternity leave, so that the replacement will only continue any paperwork jobs, not the system (sure the replacement will find difficulty to continue the system since i will be the one who design it). I'm a bit worried since (I have counted), there are only another 4 months left to achieve that target. But, again, I'm only the RA here. I depends on the experts, I can only wait, since both lecturers, they are very busy person. They are probably involved with many other research. I just do my best!!!!!

This experiences as RA will help me while I continue my master. At least, I have some idea of what research is all about. Especially, if I decide to do my master by research only.