Monday, June 15, 2009

Be a better Bunda, Insyaallah......

For the past few months, I'm following one of Hollywood Gossip Website, probably some of u know about it, One of my friend introduced me to the website. First, I'm quite excited reading about those Hollywood stars. Everytime I have internet access, I wont forget to visit this website. My husband, b'fahmi hate this website so much, he said that reading this website is just wasting time and equal to calculating ur sins more and more, double and triple (Ups, yeah, it's true actually). He always suggest me to stop reading this junk news. However, since I'm a little bit stubborn wife (I'm so sorry, Abang....), I keep reading those rubbish hehehehehe.

Until few days ago........

Previously, I still see that the news and pictures posted on that website are not that bad or kind of vulgar or inpolite. They just look normal. Till one day, I read one news about one guy (i dunno who is he, either celebrities or something). PerezHilton open up that this guy is a gay by showing some pictures that show that guy with his partner (another guy), making love!!!!!!!!!!! Oh My God, I'm in a big shocked!!!!!! The pictures are so vulgar, showing them doing things in gay ways of making love. PerezHilton did close some part of this guy's intimate body, BUT I'm strongly believe that such pictures should know being published that openly, as I knew, is not a porn website. Such a disgusting PerezHilton!!!!!!!! Eventhough he is a gay too, didn't he have a though even a bit, that those pictures are really disgusting to be published in his website?!?!?!

I told my husband about it and again, he just said "I have told u before, nothing good about that website. If u really find it that disgusting, then stop visiting the website. Do it for urself and especially for our baby on the way. Baby does not want her or his Bunda reading such a rubbish while he or she is growing in ur body ". I just listen to his words, and I'm deeply agreed!!!!!!! Since that, I never visit that website, no more perezHilton!!!!!!!!