Friday, August 13, 2010

My Pump

When I got this job, my first job actually, the first thing in my mind is, how I'm going to breastfeed Rayyan?????? I heard about pumping ur breast and store the milk in the refrigerator. That's all I know, but how to do it? I totally have no idea!

Then what, sure then I have to give formula to my Rayyan. However, I dont want to give up. Thanks millions time to Uncle Google! I start googling on how a working mom breastfeed their baby. I got new term for me, "Working and Pumping Mom". For some people, this term might be very common, but for me, this is new one and a very interesting term.

After googling few days, i found out that my problem is other working mom's problem. There many women out there find it difficult on how to work and breastfeed at the same time. That is why I would like to thank another millions times to those working, pumping and blogging mom who share their experience on how to be working and pumping mom. I found it really and really helpful reading their blog and then what, I got new knowledge every time I read their blog relating to breasfeeding, pumping, working, pumping schedule, tips and so many other information, Alhamdulillah.

'till know, I still googling on how to be working and pumping mom, since I still learning on how to be one. There are a lot to learn before becoming a mom, I do it very late. I thought that it is something like learning by doing thing. We will be able to know thing when baby is delivered. However, based on my experience, much much better for mom-to-be, to read all about breastfeeding or other parenting thing, as early as our beginning of our married life, even before we got pregnant. Or at least when we got pregnant, then we still have another 7-9 months to read and preparing for being a mom.

I will post my another experience later lah, I have to get back to work, been 2 and half our digging the blog :)